Women and Social Media:
Passion + Purpose = Conversion 


Are social media sites the “killer app” for reaching a female audience? And where do female web users congregate? The great growth surge seen by social photo-sharing site Pinterest is driven by women, rather than the males who more often make up the demographic of geeks and early technology adopters. And BlogHer’s latest annual study, Women and Social Media in 2012, found that women who read blogs actively make more purchasing decisions based on that social weapon of choice than on Facebook and Twitter. Women spend about 10 percent more time online than men, and make 58 percent of all online purchases, while both Facebook and Twitter are visited by more women per month than by men.

Clearly, women lead the social and spending uses of certain regions of the Web. Our webinar panelists explore these new realities and more, discussing:

  • Women who hold leadership positions in social media companies
  • How women are making a difference in the world through the Web
  • The implications from these numbers for online and offline cultural change
  • How an analysis of women’s use of social tools could impact your marketing plan